Client Testimonials

"If you not only want to experience a safari, but photograph it as well, this is the safari for you. It is well laid out to give you a great taste of what Tanzania has to offer. From early morning to dusk you will have the best opportunity to photograph animals up close, using guides who know photography to put you in the best light and position to get the shot you want."
-- Willey, Willey's Wild Life Photography

"Dear Terry:
Thanks for the memories and the 17,000 photos. The Big Five plus the great migration. What a trip. We saw everything but the Wild Dog. But then there is always next year. Beautiful birds, large animals, small critters, my favorite elephants and all the primates. It was just a fabulous time. The leopard jumping from tree to tree was probably the highlight, or no maybe it was the lionesses and their cubs being lead to the kill.
When I watch my DVD's each day is my favorite. Joseph was such a gentleman, and was such a volume of knowledge on all God's creatures. What a guide. And Michael and his bush meals just put the topping on your wonderful journey to Tanzania.
See you next year."
Jo Ann Bellone
Tampa, Fl.

"Going to Africa had been a lifelong dream of mine. I worried that the reality of the trip wouldn't live up to my expectations. Going to Tanzania with Terry exceeded all of my expectations.
Both good photography and safety were the major concerns of Terry and Joseph. Positioning us with the correct lighting on our subjects, getting as close as possible to the animals without endangering either animal or people, and knowledge of where to find the animals was amazing.
The meals prepared in the bush by Michael were truly gourmet delights. Who could have imagined Chateaubriand with Béarnaise sauce cooked to perfection in the middle of the Savanna?
Terry's tips on photography were extremely helpful. We grew to greatly appreciate our beanbags and how to correctly spot meter to get the best pictures possible.
We definitely recommend Terry's safaris to anyone interested in a true animal photograph safari."
-- Janet Rosenthal


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