Photos For Sale

A variety of African wildlife photographs by Paul Larson are available for purchase. These photos are shot at extremely high resolution, and the images in the picture gallery are of significantly lower quality because of high image compression. Prints are made using the original, raw photo image data on studio quality paper.
Prints are available in the following formats:

Print Size Paper Unit Cost
19" x 13" Photo Gloss $55.00
22" x 17" Fine Art $150.00
*** Note: Prices do not include framing, nor shipping and handling.
19" x 13" prints can be shipped in postal tubes.
22" x 17" must be sent flat and are more expensive to ship.

To place your order, note the picture number/name, give a general description, let us know what size format you wish to have, and contact:
Paul Larson
Tel: (330) 898-4766

Comparing Resolutions

Look at the picture of the lion below. Looks great on your computer screen, doesn't it? Once the blue border disappears from the image, put your mouse over the image and see the details of the magnified image. Impressive! Even this resolution has been greatly reduced to be able to effectively view it on this website. The raw image data has incredible resolution, so that viewers can get fine details of the subject.
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(Did you notice the tick on the lion's ear?)


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