Lodging While On Tour

With our exclusive arrangement with Serena Hotels, guests on the photo safari are treated to 4-star and 5-star rated accommodations, including these lodges and camps: (click on the picture or name to see a video or get more information)

Designed with traditional, local culture, the luxury lodges also provide exquisite dining and elegant, comfortable suites. All have highlighted attractions while visiting. Guests are able to clean up and relax after a long day enjoying game drives.
With a gracious staff and on-site resort services, guests are pampered during their stay at the Serena Lodges and Hotels.

Hotel/Lodge Pictures
Dining Pictures
Bush Dinners

An unsolicited comment from a visitor to the Ngorongoro Serena Lodge:

"The Ngorongoro Serena Lodge was definitely NOT a tent camp! The outside walls were made of gray round stones about the size of softballs, cemented together. It gave the building a texture and color that truly camouflaged it, causing it to blend into the surrounding vegetation and countryside. You could look directly at it from a half-mile away and never see it! But it was huge! And magnificent! Pictures just can't give you the feel of the place. We were greeted in the lobby with glasses of cold fruit juice and cold, wet face cloths! The rooms included a large bathroom with a huge walk-in shower (bigger than the walk-in clothes closet in my bedroom at home). During dinner time in the evening, the staff would come and turn down the beds for us.
We were served a multi-course gourmet dinner in the dining room. The peaked ceiling was at least twenty feet high, with columns supporting it. There was a stone fireplace in the middle of the floor, subdued lighting, and stone walls with large windows. Naturally all of the place settings were sparkling with china, glassware and flatware perfectly in place. A gleaming hardwood floor and heavy wooden furniture completed the decor."
-- unsolicited account of visit to the Ngorongoro Serena Lodge
as posted by John Earle on his website.

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