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What kind of camera and lens should I use for safari?
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The type of lens that you select for your camera will have the biggest impact on the photographs that you take while on safari and for that reason we are often asked about lens styles and sizes. Ultimately, you will have to decide what type of photos you wish to take and this will be the deciding factor regarding the length of telephoto lens you require. For instance, if you are most interested in bird photography you will obviously require a longer telephoto lens, something as long as 500 mm at the minimum but often as much as a 1000 mm. That being said, we shoot the vast majority of our own wildlife photography with a lens in the 300 mm to 400 mm range. Our favorite general purpose safari lens is at least a 300 mm telephoto or sometimes a f/4.5 80-400 mm telephoto with image stabilization.
Though we primarily shoot digital cameras, we are also often asked about film camera use, especially as the digital format continues to gain popularity with both professional photographers and recreational hobbyists. We have worked with clients that exclusively use digital, those that exclusively use film and some like us that use both formats. Film and digital work equally well on safari. We can provide some helpful hints that some of our film users have passed along to us regarding the use of this format if you decide to shoot film.
On our safaris we have catered to both photographers and casual enthusiasts. We've had individuals shoot film, digital and even video. We are always happy to meet with any client who is interested in discussing photographic safari equipment needs to show you what we use, what our clients have used and to help you decide what equipment you will need to bring home from safari the photographs you desire.


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