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What does a game drive entail and what do we do while we are on one?
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"Game drives" are for wildlife viewing and wildlife photography. While on a game drive, the driver-guides will lead the safari group through parks and game reserves in search of wildlife. These are slow cruises with the viewing hatches up that give everyone an opportunity to get their heads out of the top of the vehicles with binoculars or cameras in hand, ready to take in the safari experience. This is where all the best safari action happens!!
Since most of our safaris will use 2 or 3 safari trucks, at times we will travel together on game drives and at times we may be split up to maximize the game viewing opportunities. We will make sure that each client gets an opportunity to ride with each driver-guide in a rotation. Each guide can offer a unique perspective and insight so it is important that everyone has an opportunity to get to know each of our driver-guides while on safari. The guides are extremely knowledgeable in regard to Africa's wildlife and culture and can offer a vast wealth of information.
It is always ideal when clients are fortunate enough to live in a geographically "close" proximity to each other, so that they can have the chance to meet before leaving on safari. If this isn't the case, everyone will have plenty of opportunity to meet the rest of the safari group during our travels. While every safari will be different and it is both common and preferred to have people invite their friends to join them in a group safari, we will still ask that everyone rotate at least a couple times with other parties in the safari group so that everyone gets to know each other and truly experiences the safari together. Your Africa Wildlife Photography & Travel hosts will also make it a point to rotate through each vehicle and party so that we have a chance to share our experience from past safaris.

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